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Month: September 2014

Don’t Give Your Server The Hiccups – A Lesson in Having Lots of Users

Pinterest failing miserably on the backend

Pinterest failing miserably on the backend

Yesterday I was messing around with Pinterest to see how they do their Facebook integration.  I set up a test account and went about my way.  This morning, I started getting emails from them, so I clicked on “Change your email preferences” with the intention of unsubscribing.

What greeted me was the 502 error you see to your right.  502 is the HTTP error code for “Bad Gateway”.  This implies that some sort of networking error is preventing me from reaching their site.  But that’s not the case.  Having seen similar failure scenarios years ago when I coded Status Shuffle, I had a pretty good guess of what the problem was.

Let me give you a hint: I switched to my other browser, loaded the same link, and it worked like a charm.

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Have I Been Pwned?

have-i-been-pwnedDue to the recent discovery of 5 million leaked gmail passwords, I went looking for a place to verify that addresses of friends and family aren’t on the list.

I happened to come by a great site called , created by Miscrosoft MVP Troy Hunt, which can test your email against many data breached.  Better yet, you can sign up and have it notify you if your email is part of any future compromise.

Highly recommended!

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